Miscellaneous Articles
The Fundamentals of Salmon
by JustData
It's been nearly a month since the news of Australian Ethical's divestment from Tassal, a Tasmanian-based salmon producer, was announced. Australia's largest ethically-conscious fund manager dropped their shares, nearly AUD $10m worth, and for the last few weeks both companies have seen regular slumps in their share prices.
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Forex trading with EOD data
by Jennifer Gorton
Jennifer Gorton is the content manager of Forex Traders - a learning portal filled with daily Forex news. In this article Jenny talks about the importance of quality end-of-day data when trading Forex.
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Arms Index - Plain and Fancy
by Bernard Chapman and Colin Nicolson
Bernard Chapman is the author of Insight Trader charting software, which was used to construct the charts shown in this article. Colin Nicholson writes for BRW and Shares magazines.
This article is re-printed with permission from the ATAA.
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JustData and Advance Decline Analysis
by Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell is a full time trader and popular writer on the practical aspects of trading. His tools and strategies are developed to be easily applied to the markets. This article introduces Advance Decline analysis using charts created by BodhiGold data.
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CFDs - Why? How? & Who?
by Peter Mathers
Peter Mathers, Director of TradingLounge, has been trading since 1982. He started his professional trading career with Japanese futures company Hoei & Shoin, who mentored and taught him the Japanese analysis techniques of Candlesticks and Renko. In these articles Peter gives you all the facts on CFDs.
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by Leon Wilson
Leon Wilson is the author of the highly respected books "The Business of Share Trading" and "The Next Step to Share Trading Success". Leon's primary focus is position trading. In this article Leon looks at trading patterns.
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